Weather at Osoyoos

The Web and Handheld Devices

You can find the weather at the following web locations

Note: on smarphones and tablets you can create a homescreen shortcut to each of the sites above

Applications you can download onto your phone or tablet

Weather Underground - station IOSOYO7

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The Station

WeatherFlow Smart Weather Stations feature a revolutionary design with no moving parts to wear out, completely wireless operation, simple installation, instantly online, app-enabled, flexible data APIs.

The proprietary sonic anemometer out performs and out lasts traditional spinny cups. Our haptic rain sensor can feel each rain drop allowing you to receive alerts the instant it begins raining, determine relative intensity of rain, and know the exact number of minutes of rain each day. The station also reports brightness, UV index, solar irradiance, temp, humidity, pressure, lightning up to 25 miles away, and a slew of other nerdy weather data.

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The Location

Located at:

15 Solana Key Crt. Osoyoos BC

The Sky unit is located on the roof of the complex with unobstructed views. The Air unit is located in one of the passageways, which does not receive direct sunlight.

Product Location

The Forecasts

All About the Data

Accurate measurements from your location, along with data from other Tempest Systems, flows to our data processing center. There we also collect ALL other relevant weather data, including measurements from satellites, aircraft, radars and other surface weather stations. Our process ultimately yields standardized data and a real-time analysis product. Not every measurement is of equal value (e.g. wind ‘shadows’ affect how wind data is utilized) but our big data analytics adjust accordingly, meaning every Tempest System can make a difference.

Hyper-Local Forecasting

Our forecast system initializes with the ECMWF, the highly acclaimed European global forecast model, the best of NOAA’s forecast models and WeatherFlow’s own in-house modeling suite . Over key areas, WeatherFlow’s operational forecast system (WF WRF) assimilates the most valuable observations into this powerful baseline to provide detailed regional forecasts.

Do something about the Changing Weather

Tempest data, along with all our real-time useful information, is part of data sets which are shared with the National Weather Service (NWS-NOAA) and other met agencies across the world, supporting their mission of predicting dangerous weather and warning the public of potential risks. As forecasting becomes more difficult and weather patterns increasingly unpredictable, each Tempest helps contribute to a better global forecast.